Dear students,

Faculty of Education at Demirci, which has a long history, is an institution that serves students targeting the teaching profession. Our faculty, which provides service with 41 administrative staff, has a dynamic and experienced teaching staff of 74 people.

Faculty of Education at Demirci, which has always proved to be an important power and where information is provided, continues to work in an idealistic approach within the framework of national and moral values, based on love and respect, respecting ethical values, aiming quality and perfection.

We should not forget that everything we learn is an investment in our future. Our students, who prefer our faculty, will see that the necessary facilities and conditions for them to be a good teacher are available in our faculty. Thanks to the warm and friendly environment of our faculty, all of our students who are trained in our faculty will not suffer from foreigners and will adapt quickly.

In this context, I congratulate our newly registered students by winning the university exam and wish the continued success of our registered and graduated students.

With love and respect,
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Çetin


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