From a Teaching School to an Outstanding Faculty of Education

“Teaching school, Teacher High School, Teacher High School and Training Institute, Education Higher School, Faculty of Education”

Demirci Faculty of Education started teaching on 2th November 1964 as “Demirci Teaching School” with a teaching staff of 8 trainers and 248 students.  In time, the environment of the school changed with the help students’ efforts in summer terms. The school area was forested and two service buildings were constructed.  Thus, the school owned laboratories, art workshops, sport and music halls, cafeteria and new classrooms in 1974.

Because of the rapid change in educational policies, in 1974, the school was transformed into Teacher High School with seven-year education. Afterwards, it became a common high school with six-year education. In 1975-1976 academic year it was named as “Demirci High School and Training Institute”. Therefore, two-year Training Institute was founded.

The school did not admit student in 1976 and following three years. In 1979, the school discontinued teaching. It restarted teaching on 3th March 1980. First student group of the school came from Sinop Training Institute. Meanwhile, the school was the only Training Institute located in a district among 17 Institutes.

In 1981-1982 academic year, Demirci Training Institute served 274 primary school teachers under the name of “Teacher Training Centre”. During this year, the school reached its most crowded population when Muğla Training Institute was closed and transferred its students to Demirci Training Institute. On 20th July 1982, the school was incorporated to Dokuz Eylul University and named as “Education Higher School”.

In 1989-1990 academic year, study period was enhanced to 4 years. Finally, the school became Faculty of Education incorporated to Manisa Celal Bayar University in 1992. Our faculty is now among the 15 leading faculty in terms of the length of service time. Besides, first graduates of our school took their places in history of education all over the country and now their children and even their grandchildren have been following in their footsteps.

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